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Subsequent Event (Details)

Subsequent Event (Details) (Kulu Valley Ltd, Subsequent Event, USD $)
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0 Months Ended
Oct. 03, 2014
Oct. 03, 2014
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Percentage of voting interests acquired (in percent)   100.00%
Gross payment to acquire businesses $ 13,894,000  
Total purchase price 17,675,000  
Amount of cash acquired from business acquisition 2,898,000  
Payment to acquire businesses, net of cash acquired 10,996,000  
Days in which adjustments to purchase price can be made 5 days  
Agreed upon price per share in a business combination (in dollars per share)   $ 13.75
Escrow deposit   $ 2,000,000
Escrow lapsed period 15 months  
Percent of purchase price in excess of are expected for intangible assets, including goodwill (percent)   80.00%
Common Stock
Subsequent Event [Line Items]    
Number of shares issued in a business combination (in shares) 275  
Transfer restriction period for shares issued in a business combination (days) 365 days