AT&T Launches Managed Unified Streaming for the Enterprise

AT&T Global Video Solutions with Enterprise Video Leader Qumu brings unified streaming for the enterprise at scale that combines enterprise video, signage and IPTV 

What’s the news?

AT&T Global Video Solutions is expanding its portfolio of Managed Video Services through its technology partner Qumu (Nasdaq: QUMU) to deliver a cloud-based unified video experience for enterprises with video content management, streaming, enterprise signage and IPTV. This powerful combination of people, processes, and technology will help enterprises deliver secure video streaming to every screen.

Why is this important?

Digital transformation is driving the convergence of networking, security and viewer experience as technology teams realize the challenges of delivering video in complex enterprise environments. In addition, technology needs are changing for customers with today’s hyper distributed workforce as more employees are accessing live and on-demand video content from unique and dispersed locations and on a variety of devices. Organizations are looking for a robust and reliable video solution to solve these challenges through point product consolidation, with global reach to support the new and highly distributed workforce with the best viewer experience. With this approach, enterprises can also help reduce operational costs by moving to a single cloud-delivered solution.

What makes this new unified streaming solution different? 

AT&T has a unique understanding of what organizations need as they modernize and transform their video needs to achieve business goals. This innovative solution brings video content management and streaming, enterprise signage and IPTV – all enhanced by AT&T’s Fiber and 5G networks and the Qumu Video Engagement Platform. The inclusion of management services helps relieve the burden of deployment and day-to-day support, with AT&T video experts acting as an extension to IT and webcasting teams. 

AT&T will be offering Qumu’s premier partner suite of Go-To-Market services to include use case design, on-going demand generation campaigns, highlighted website visibility and enterprise business development assistance. 

When will this new enterprise video solution be available? 

AT&T Global Video Solution is available immediately.

Where can I find more information?

Learn more about how AT&T Global Business Solutions here.

What are people saying?

Scott Beckett, Director, AT&T Global Video Solutions

The world of hybrid work brings challenges with ensuring that employees have the right tools and connectivity to do their work effectively regardless of location, device and security. A fully managed unified streaming solution will help organizations remove the barriers of technology making it easier for organizations to engage with their employees on any screen, on their own time.

Rose Bentley, CEO and President at Qumu

“AT&T’s trusted brand value with the enterprise just got bigger – with the most relevant solutions launch in today’s hybrid world.  Qumu is honored to partner with AT&T as an official technology partner. Together, we have the ability to deliver managed, supported critical streaming and display content to the enterprise.”

“AT&T is a global leader in managed video solutions and has tenured experience delivering enterprise video to customers around the globe. Bringing unified streaming to the enterprise with Qumu creates a strong value proposition for customers looking to take advantage of the convergence of video.”

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About Qumu Corporation 

Qumu (Nasdaq: QUMU) is a leading provider of best-in-class tools to create, control, deliver, experience and analyze live and asynchronous video at scale. Backed by an experienced team of software and video experts, Qumu’s software enables globally distributed organizations to drive employee, customer and partner engagement, modernizing business by providing more efficient and effective ways to communicate and collaborate. 

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