Enterprise Video Leader Qumu Announces Worldwide Office Virtualization

New ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ Policy Virtualizes All Roles, Will Eliminate Dedicated Office Space in Minneapolis, London and Hyderabad

MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Qumu, a leading provider of cloud-based Enterprise Video technology for organizations of all sizes, has just announced a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy for all employees, beginning December 8, 2020. Three of Qumu’s worldwide office locations will be officially closed, with employees in all offices continuing to work remotely as they have been since March of 2020.

“At Qumu, we believe a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy is the socially responsible thing to do—for our employees and their health, for the wellbeing of the planet, and for our outside stakeholders and their investments in our future,” said TJ Kennedy, CEO of Qumu. “One of Qumu’s primary objectives with this policy is to set a great example for other organizations when it comes to remote work, and this move will allow us to do that.”

“Qumu operates a business in the enterprise collaboration technology space, supporting organizations that believe remote work, travel minimization and virtualized events are both sustainable and the new normal,” noted Kennedy. “With this in mind, we believe it is important to be one of the first companies in our space to acknowledge this fundamental change in the workplace dynamic and leverage the technology we provide to make it happen.”

Qumu has entered into flexible shared workspace arrangements in London and Minneapolis, is finalizing an arrangement in Hyderabad, and is maintaining its California office. As part of its full office virtualization initiative, Qumu is expanding its company-wide home office program to optimize the program’s effectiveness for the benefit of Qumu’s employees and global customer base. The company will provide full-time employees with a work at home stipend and will implement local team meetups and social gatherings when permitted based on local public health considerations. To enhance collaboration and allow remote teams to share real-time progress on major projects, Qumu is implementing new feedback and visibility tools.

Qumu leadership also believes a ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy will make a positive impact on its recruiting efforts. “Full office virtualization makes Qumu a great option for an entire world of job seekers,” noted Jason Karp, Chief Commercial Officer and Chief Counsel. “Offering flexible working arrangements is a significant differentiator when competing for high-end talent, and we’re excited about the possibilities on the recruiting front.”

Parties interested in learning more about Qumu’s new ‘Work from Wherever, Forever’ policy may contact the company directly using the Contact Us Form on the Qumu website.

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