Environmental Sustainability

Qumu provides Enterprise Video-as-a-Service to businesses worldwide, but the benefits of our services and focus of our operations don’t stop there. Qumu is committed to the protection and conservation of the environment and is contributing to environmental sustainability by:

  • Helping organizations use video on a global scale to increase the agility and sustainability of their enterprise – large or small – by communicating more effectively and collaborating more nimbly;
  • Practicing what we preach in the market by now fully leveraging our video platform and other forms of remote communications to conduct our own internal business operations as a “Work from Wherever, Forever” company;
  • Leveraging the cloud for the majority of our services, resulting in predictable and sustainable revenue, and reducing our internal hardware and energy requirements.

At Qumu, we are striving to improve the efficiency of our operations and explore new initiatives to help protect the environment for our customers, the communities we serve, and for the global good.

Social Sustainability

Qumu is not only a leader in the services we provide to our customers, but we care deeply about all of the individuals and organizations that operate within and in conjunction with Qumu’s ecosystem. We believe it is our responsibility to conduct our business in a socially sustainable and supportive manner, advocating for the overall health, wellness, and success of our employees, partners, and customers.  Qumu has undertaken several initiatives aimed at improving the social wellness of its employees and stakeholders and promoting socially responsible causes through:  

  • Qumu’s “Work from Wherever, Forever” policy
  • Qumu’s dedication to increasing diversity of our workforce, including through our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Committee, and working with our partners who emphasize the importance and benefits of a diverse workforce.
  • New health and wellness initiatives to ensure employees remain healthy and productive as they conduct their work, including remote communications tools, weekly wellness communications, and “Focus Friday,” which eliminates all non-critical meetings each Friday.

Our human capital objectives are to attract, retain and develop the highest quality talent and put them in a position to succeed in their role.

Corporate Governance

As an industry leader, we are committed to transparency, and to the implementation of sound governance principles to help protect our customer, partners, employees, and shareholders. Qumu applies such principles across the organization, including relating to the conduct of our Board of Directors. Qumu’s governance principles permeate throughout our organization, including internal financial controls, revenue, expenditures, monthly close procedures, tax compliance, treasury processes, contracting processes, customer, and employee data security, hiring practices, compensation and equity issuance, and ethical conduct and reporting.

At the Board level, our governance procedures adhere to the following principals:

  • Annual election of all directors
  • Stock ownership guidelines for directors and executives
  • Independent Audit, Compensation, and Governance committees
  • Prohibition on pledging and hedging for directors and executives
  • Active stockholder engagement
  • Independent Board except our CEO
  • Executive sessions of independent directors held at each regularly scheduled Board meeting
  • Independent Chair of the Board
  • Clawback policy
  • Majority vote standard in uncontested elections